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Daytime Intensive Outpatient Program

The Daytime Intensive Outpatient Program (DIOP) at Parkridge Valley is a non-medical program designed to allow adults to participate in a therapeutic program that addresses emotional or mental health issues and/or substance abuse issues. This environment provides a bridge between traditional outpatient models and the structure of a therapeutic community. The DIOP allows patients to continue with their daily life with minimal disruptions, while getting the help they need.

DIOP is individualized to meet each patient's special needs. This include initial and ongoing assessments to determine the appropriate level of care. Treatment consists of a daily educational group and a daily process group. Also included are weekly family education classes, an introduction to support groups outside the facility and a follow-up aftercare group. The program is 3 hours per day, Monday through Friday and patients are often involved with treatment for two to three weeks on average. Should additional or more intensive care be needed, the DIOP staff can facilitate transfers with minimal disruption to the client.

Program Features:

  • The educational groups present patients with information covering a variety of topics including: improving coping skills, stress management, education regarding their illness, healthy nutrition habits, knowledge of chemical abuse, living a sober lifestyle, and more to help patients understand their illness and improve overall quality of life.
  • Registered nurses provide assessments and ongoing medical consultation as needed with each client. The medical staff is available to consult with your family physician at any time during the course of treatment.
  • The programs supportive group format reduces feelings of isolation and hopelessness as individuals discover that they are not alone in their struggle for emotional wellness and/or a sober lifestyle. The group process assists patients in identifying and resolving psychological and social factors that contribute to mental illness and substance abuse as well as providing a theater for improving communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • Family groups offer support to family members and patients by increasing their understanding of the effects the illness has had on the entire family system. It is encouraged that the family members be committed to the treatment/recovery process.
  • Aftercare group is for patients successfully completing the program and is focused on providing support from others that are still in the first year of the treatment/recovery process. This allows patients to gain knowledge from those that have preceded them and have had success outside of the treatment environment.

Other services include ongoing assessments and referrals as necessary, urine drug screening and discharge planning. We strive to work closely with referral sources and other treatment providers to ensure continuity of care and comprehensive treatment and discharge planning. Crisis intervention, as well as individual and family counseling is provided as needed.

The DIOP treatment team consists of registered nurses, master's level social workers or counselors, registered dieticians, therapeutic recreational staff, and mental health technicians qualified in the assessment and treatment of mental health, addictive and co-occurring diagnosis disorders.

For additional information or questions concerning the Daytime Intensive Outpatient Program at Parkridge Valley Adult and Senior Campus, contact RESPOND at (423) 499-2300.